Enlightenment Series
The allure, to me, of the female gingko leaf is its voluptuous shape and movement.  It represents a turning point in my work since it perfectly merges the elements of geometric, kinetic, organic and vibrancy. As I wear my gingko pieces, I am reminded to think for myself and be open and aware of all life has to offer.
Shadow Series
The New moon starts in darkness until it waxes to the light of the full moon. This cycles represents growth,  as we uncover our seed of intent it reaches for the light. These mysteries are repressed, unconscious, or a new discovery. As we let go of the ego, we come closer to the whole.
Expansion Series
The sun’s loving energy promotes will, desire and soul expansion. It’s rays nourish,  heal , and give fuel for ideas to blossom. Whenever I am in an architectural space that has clean lines, I feel peaceful. I am just beginning to understand my own sacral geometry. How my ethereal matter is able to expand into the mysteries with no limits.
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