Metal therapy
        ArtWorks Pendant Workshop 2008  
Make a valentines Neckless for $10
Feb 4th, 2008, 5:30-7:30pm at ArtWorks is located at 4654 N. Racine—corner of Leland and Racine Red Line el stops:  Wilson Avenue or Lawrence Avenue
ArtWorks is
                   Photo Etching 2008
Dr. Ellen G. Horovitz, invited me to teach a class at Nazareth College, in Rochester New York.
Create a transitional object from a stream of awareness; sensation, observation, concept, or
                 SAIC  Amulets
2007 Adornment presentation at SAIC with fellow Art Therapy Graduates.
Photo & Metal
Making a Thomas Mann Sandwich is a therapeutic experience. Mann’s process gives insight into ones psyche. Using found object to manifest ones soul allows your hands to trap an expression, which is
Creating metal objects is therapeutic to me. The forms I design from my imagination allow me to engage with an object to learn more about myself. The release of energy while working with my hands is stress relieving. Making an adornment with intent is important for my healing process. I am grateful for the earths gifts.